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Crazy About Our Labs

All About Us
Family Dinner at the Rantz House
October 2003

We are the proud owners of 3 great Labs, Annie an 8 year old female Black Lab, one of Annie’s pups Keri a 4 year old female Black Lab and Brooklyn, a giant 1 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab puppy weighting in around 100+ lbs. Doggie play time around this house is a spectacular event in itself. We go through quite a few tennis balls around here. Oh yeah, lets not forget about Brooklyn’s bud, Mystery, a black cat just a month older than Brooklyn. They grew up together and still play together occasionally. Mystery will lay on his back with Brooklyn standing over him, letting Mystery hug him around the head. Boy, that’s trust. We have even caught Mystery sitting on top of Brooklyn’s crate at night, teasing him by sticking his paw through the top of the crate, swatting at Brooklyn.

Our Life
Having lived in California most of her life and enjoying a long and rewarding career in Biological Research and raising two great kids Dustyn and Niki, Dannielle moved to Napa, CA the summer of 2001 to be closer to her family, eventually going to work at a major construction site in Benicia as the Office Administrator. There she would meet Michael, a Construction Management Consultant on temporary assignment to the project, who would eventually sweep her off her feet. We began our relationship as co-workers, falling in love and gaining a true respect and affection for one another that would set the stage for an interesting adventure across the country.
Leaving Napa in June of 2002 for a consulting assignment offered to Mike, we moved East (Mike, Danni, Niki, Annie and Kari), finally settling in New Martinsville, West Virginia, where we acquired Brooklyn and Mystery. 
We were married in this cute little river town, outdoors in a nice garden setting beside Barista’s (an Irish Pub) on September 28, 2002. We spent about 16 months in West Virginia (a major culture shock for Danni and Niki) before Mike was offered a position with a major Residential Construction Firm in Clarksville, Tennessee. We moved to Clarksville on November 1, 2003 and anticipate being here 5 plus years, hoping to be transferred to Napa (the firms Corp. Office) sometime in the future. 
Between us we have 6 children, Shaun, Dustyn, Stacy, Hope, Niki and Heather. We of course have our 4 pets that keep us jumping all the time. Presently, Stacy is the only child living with us; she is going to the local community college and working at Dillards in the cosmetics department (go figure). Niki and Heather plan a visit this summer, it should be a blast.

Future Plans

As mentioned before, we are looking to be transferred back out West with the firm Mike is working with (4-5 years), but for now we are working on remodeling the house, landscaping the yard (maybe installing a pool), planting fruit trees and planning for our future retirement.